Message from
the Board

The 2019-2020 school year, my third as Board president, began optimistically and with a positive outlook for both Graded and Brazil. Graded continues to stand tall on the solid foundation that we all – the Board, the Leadership Team, and the community – have worked so hard to build and preserve over the last century. 

This year, we have elevated our educational standards and modernized our beautiful campus with a new Upper School Library, Lower School Innovation Hub, Lower School Innovation Studio, enhanced Graded Greens, and Learning Lab – all brought alive by a wonderful, diverse group of students and families, and led by a talented and dedicated group of educators. Little did we know back in August 2019 that the pride we feel for our community would be magnified but for reasons that we did not foresee. 

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Graded migrated to a distance learning platform in March 2020. The crisis gripped the world and changed our lives, the economy, our outlook, and the way in which we interact. It also changed how we think about education today, tomorrow, and possibly, for years to come. This health crisis has caused loss and altered our lives in many ways, and we can and should expect the pandemic to continue to make its mark for months to come. Health and safety have, understandably, been our main concern during the pandemic. However, we are now experiencing side effects. The dynamic of opening, closing, and not knowing what is next generates instability with which we find hard to live.

The unpredictable new virus has proven to be an enormous challenge medically, economically, politically, socially, and educationally. However, we did not despair but instead, we acted. We accepted the challenge and dealt with it, as best as we could – standing together as a community, helping each other instead of pointing fingers, quickly adapting to the fluid situation – always guided by our principles and the Graded spirit.

Shifting from regular school activities to a fully-remote environment within a matter of weeks would not have been possible without the talent and incredibly hard work of our Leadership Team, the selfless dedication and love of our teachers, and the assistance of the entire Graded staff. It would also not have been possible without the trust in and full support of Graded by both our students and their families, as the community came together as one.

This crisis has made us stronger. We have been successful not only academically, but fiscally. We have banded together as a caring community and supported our members.

We remain one of the world’s premier American schools, and once again, 95% of our graduates have applied and been accepted to top colleges and universities outside of Latin America.

In response to the pandemic, we have had to take a number of unprecedented measures. We have done so in a responsible manner, assuming the forward-thinking view of a resilient institution that celebrates its 100th anniversary this October.

During this difficult time, we hoped (and, as a Graded lifer, I may say, expected) we could count on your support and generosity. The Graded community came through, demonstrating their appreciation for the challenges we faced. In donating back 44% of the tuition refund we offered, they provided financial aid to members of the community in need. Thank you.

The crisis will end and Graded will endure, maybe slightly different, but stronger than ever. Once again I would like to thank our staff, the PTA, our founding companies, my fellow Board members, and our superintendent along with our Leadership Team for their dedication and support. Without their hard work, Graded would not be able to be what it is – a home for our children and all of us.

I will never be able to thank you enough. This is an extraordinary community of which I am honored to be part and serve.

Thank you all for your trust and commitment to Graded.

Stay safe!


Luiz Claudio Galeazzi ’81
President of the Board