The Centennial Campaign


Graded Campus Project

A multi-year project of construction, modernization, and renewal that is transforming the Graded campus by investing in infrastructure and the school’s future.

Total Committed:
as of June 30, 2021

Graded Scholar Program Endowment

Through this endowed program, Graded offers life-changing, full scholarships to economically disadvantaged, exceptionally gifted Brazilian students.

Endowment Total:
as of June 30, 2021

Excellence in Teaching Endowment

This endowed fund ensures that Graded is able to recruit, retain, and develop the world’s best teachers for many years to come.

Endowment Total:
as of June 30, 2021

Janet Sallouti Alumni Financial Aid ENDOWMENT

The Janet Sallouti Alumni Financial Aid Endowment, created by Juliana and Roberto ’90 Sallouti, supports the children of Graded alumni who show exceptional academic, artistic, or athletic merit. 

R$3,000,000 – committed donation

Endowment Total:
as of June 30, 2021

The Centennial Campaign in Numbers



Number of Leadership Donor Households

Centennial Campaign
Annual Cash Raised

Graded Campus Project Cumulative
Committed Donations

Centennial Campaign Donors


Legacy Circle (R$10,000,000+)

Fundação Lemann

Visionary Circle (R$3,000,000 – R$9,999,999)

Juliana and Roberto ’90 Sallouti
The Haddad Family

Benefactor Circle (R$1,500,000 – R$2,999,999)

Anonymous (2)
The Garfinkel Family
Alessandra and Ezra Safra

Patron Circle (R$500,000 – R$1,499,999)

Mariana e Jose Auriemo Neto
Ana Cristina Garcia and João Paulo Diniz
The Blay Family
Renata and José Ermírio de Moraes
The Galeazzi Family*
Andrea and Guilherme Johannpeter
Maria Angela and Roberto Klabin
Raquel Moura Borges
The Parent Teacher Association
Claudia and Renato Ochman
Amalia Spinardi and Roberto Thompson

Ambassador Circle (R$250,000** – R$499,999)

Michele ’80, Stephanie ’08, and Chloe ’10 Behar
Ana Paula and Mauricio Bittencourt A. Magalhães
The Cabral-Gardner Family
The Formicola Family
The Freitas Calheiros Family
Tania* Haddad ’95 and Alexandre Nobre ’95
The Ioschpe Family
JHSF International
Daniela and Richard Johannpeter
The Laport Family
Maria ’30, Eduarda ’29, and João Machado
Ana Luiza ’90 and Alex* Malfitani ’90
Renato Maluli ’82
Roberta ’91 and Thomas Mello e Souza
Thatiana and Leonardo ’90 Mello
Diana and Bernardo Paiva
The Quintella Family Charitable Fund
The Verdi Family
Fernanda and Álvaro Augusto Vidigal

Advocate Circle (R$100,000** – R$249,999)

Anonymous (2)
Ana Carolina and José Roberto Auriemo
Graziella and Helio Beltrão
The Biagi Family
Gabriela and Adriano Borges
Carolina Casañas-Giráldez and Juan Giráldez
Suzana Cha and Jaco Yoo
Shirley and Alex ’84 Chang
Maria Fernanda and Fabio* Coelho
Soraya and Edgard Corona
Regina and Gustavo* Diniz Junqueira
Flavia and Antoine Faugeres
Veridiana and Guilherme Ferreira
Deborah and Paulo Haegler
Christina and José Carlos Hauer Santos
Denise and Patrick Hruby
The Huang Family
Roberto Luiz Justus ’73
Mylena, Carlinhos ’84, João ’17, and Pedro ’27 Kalil
Camila and David Kahn
Giuliana and Marcio Kaufman
Mônica and José Kfuri
Juliana and Renato Klarnet
Lily and Joe ’89 Lee
The Lustosa Veirano Family
Patricia and Marcelo Marco Antonio
The Markakis Family
Lucianna and Angel ’88 Martinez
Larissa and Caio Mesquita
Gabriella and José Miguel Neto
Victoria ’18 and Clara ’19 Miranda
Márcia and Kasuo Miyake
The Mofarrej Fonseca Family
Caroline* and Maximo ’94 Pinheiro Lima
Lorena Pinheiro Lima ’91 and Luiz Felipe C. D. de Souza
Cristiana and Rodolpho* Protasio
Fernanda and Fabio Rossi
The Rotheir Faria Family
The Sá Family
Camila and Jório Salgado Gama
The Shores Family
Paula Soares and Carlos Hitoshi F. Castro
Roberta Suplicy and Phillip Bendenoun
Veronica Sverner and Jorge Arruda
Ana Carolina and Marc Szlezynger
The Sztamfater Lottenberg Family
Lucila Tchira and Jeffrey* Hoberman
Tatiana and Alexandre Thumlert
Camila Vieira Santos and Cristiano Biagi
Adriana and Jose Miguel Vilela
Cristiane and Johann* Mathias von Bernuth
Tânia and Arnoldo Wald

Other Centennial Campaign Donors
(R$10,000 – R$99,999

The Della Rosa Family
Carolina and Patrice Etlin
The Carvalho Oliveira Family
The Xavier Family

*Board Member
**Leadership Donor entry-level donation adjusted from R$100,000 to R$150,000 on January 1, 2018, and from R$150,000 to R$200,000 on November 11, 2020.

2.2 by ’22 Initiative

This student-led initiative funds the Graded Scholar Program Endowment and aims to raise R$2.2M by June 2022. Thank you to donors who have supported this ambitious project. As of June 30, 2020, this initiative has raised R$72K+.

Anonymous (11)
Matias Arantes ’21
Isabela Arruda ’22
Richard Boerner
Lara Garcia ’22
Santiago Giraldez ’22
Santiago Gonzalez ’22
Olivia Harrison Peixoto ’22
Julia Leme ’22
Daniel Lima ’22
Alexis Markakis ’22
Matheus Ribeiro ’22
Marina Senderos ’22
Team Barbie
Team Candice
Team Hardcore Man
Team Historians
Team No Surprise Here
Team Saints
Team The Wilsons
The Right Side of Trivia
Leo Von Bernuth ’22
Josh Yamada ’22
Karen Yumiketa ’22
Luiza Zancan ’22

The Centennial Campaign Executive Committee

The Centennial Campaign Executive Committee (CCEC) was formed to serve as the primary voice for the school’s Centennial Campaign. CCEC members cultivate relationships with parents, alumni, grandparents, companies, and foundations and support Graded by fostering a culture of giving. We are thankful for their extraordinary dedication and passion. It is only with the participation of all stakeholders that Graded can reach its goals and achieve its vision for the future.

“As a Graded alumna and parent, I believe in giving back to my community and allowing it to continuously improve to provide our children with the best education possible.”

Lorena Pinheiro Lima ’91, CCEC Member

Andrea Johannpeter, Co-chair
Veronica Sverner Arruda, Co-chair
Mariana Auriemo
Luiz Galeazzi ’81*
Ana Cristina Garcia Diniz
Jeffrey Hoberman*
Roberto Klabin
Caroline Pinheiro Lima*
Lorena Pinheiro Lima ’91
Renata Queiroz Moraes
Fernanda Vidigal

Richard Boerner, Superintendent, Ex Officio
Tracy Harrison, Chief Development Officer, Ex Officio
Julia Oliveira, Development Manager, Ex Officio

*Board member