Coming together as



Graded was able to weather the pandemic and an unfavorable exchange rate with sound financial planning and solid operational reserves. READ MORE

Year in Review

The 2019-20 school year was filled with unexpected twists and turns, engendering growth and innovation. READ MORE

Giving to Graded

In face of the COVID-19 pandemic, a spirit of generosity pervaded the Graded community as we came together stronger than ever.

Message from the Board

“This crisis has made us stronger. We have banded together as a caring community and supported our members.”

The 2019-2020 school year, my third as Board president, began optimistically and with a positive outlook for both Graded and Brazil. Graded continues to stand tall on the solid foundation that we all – the Board, the Leadership Team, and the community – have worked so hard to build and preserve over the last century.

This year, we have elevated our educational standards and modernized our beautiful campus with a new Upper School Library, Lower School Innovation Hub, Lower School Innovation Studio, enhanced Graded Greens, and Learning Lab – all brought alive by a wonderful, diverse group of students and families, and led by a talented and dedicated group of educators. Little did we know back in August 2019 that the pride we feel for our community would be magnified but for reasons that we did not foresee. READ MORE

Message from the Superintendent

“The Graded community – students, parents, teachers, administrators and Board members – came together as one school, one community, and one Graded – in its truest manifestation.”

The 2019-20 school year opened and closed as differently as anyone could have ever imagined. The science of learning and belonging remained at the center of our academic work. Our efforts at Graded went much deeper than simply facilitating learning in the moment, as demonstrated by test scores. We strived to facilitate deep and enduring learning – learning that sticks.

Graded’s Teaching and Learning Department continued its partnership with Dr. Kevin Mattingly of Teachers College, Columbia University. Dr. Mattingly guides and supports our faculty as they teach students how to apply cognitive science principles. In addition, the use of design thinking processes is helping faculty configure and implement learning science approaches in the classroom.